"​shotgun sheela"

Shotgun sheela made no new friends
And the new town folk don't take too well
To her late night runs, got two gold guns
Gonna take my soul, throw me down that well
She said "I don't care for a no good cheat"
So she shot him down in the middle of the street
Got a death wish if you coming at me
And she put a full clip in between his teeth

Some men speak of a black eyed beast
In the shape of a woman living way out east
Where the grass don't grow so the cows don't eat
And the birds too big and they don't have beaks
And the mеn that sleep well they don't have drеams
'Cause the men that sleep do it six feet deep
In a shade born land even God can't see
So the folks don't pray and the priest don't preach
He said I know now why they don't get close
We should all be fine if we play our roles
In a 5 man team with a firearm each
I wanna see her pay, I wanna see her bleed
Just wait inside 'til I give my sound
Then we light her up and we shoot her down
In a voice too loud under sweat caked brows
If we play our parts it'll all work out
So hold my light in the long wheat field
I could smell flesh rot over that hill
Shotgun sheela might have got too brave
Dragging penny blood trails to her broke down base
I take my foot to her rust brown gate
Put my .38 special to her pale white face
Any last words 'fore I see her brain
And she looked my way and began to sing
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