[Chorus: Eric Godlow]
And I can't seem to notice
When you're not around
The leaves that fall are golden
They melt into the ground

[Verse 1: Eric Godlow]
And I wish you never left me with a sour tone
And I wish you would've meant it when you said you loved me
And I wish I could prevent this feeling of alone
And I wish you could just let it go I said I'm sorry
Trees falling, breaking, I can't escape
There's blood on my face as a warm embrace
The dusk turns to day and she turned to me
And I said "don't cry" and I twist the knife and
I just wish that she was born again
So this love story could never end
And I'm just left with the remembrance
Of her face that never left

[Verse 2: sewerperson]
I can't help think about these times
The dirt road hostel where she saved my life
With a take my hand I obliged ghost white
Only she'll understand how I felt inside
With a denim torch I was acid washed
On 44th is where she broke my heart
My eyes meet hers in a time too dark
I hold my damage inside these age old scars
Sorry if I don't say it right, will you help me inside?
I've had too much to drink tonight, I can't make it to mine
Oh, you look perfect here with me
I don't think he could see
Come here I'm holding you close to me
And you fit perfectly
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