"​silent night"

The same three colours fall off my chest
Martyred valour in the face of death
I hope they celebrate my life
'Cause God knows I tried to retrace my steps
Wrap my wounds and take me home
Dead on arrival in my flowered tomb
She loves a man in this uniform
So I sit and I rot as it drapes my bones
She said I wish I still believed he was coming home
'Cause this silence is tearing me apart
Times have changed from when we were kids
But no one could've told me it would turn to this
The sky was grey when the carriage came
Bringing awful news from a landing ship
And in her dreams when she lays her head she sees flashes of coast lines painted red
Lukewarm loafs on the lobby steps
Oh, the thought is nice but they don't understand
Hold me as I desperately try to move my arms and
Console my lover while I stifle coughs as I'm passing on
The wars you win are forgot in time
But the fights you lose stick with you for life
I promise I'll see you again
But I pray you don't visit me tonight
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