We in Neiman's, yeah, yeah
[?] she told me
Hey, oh, oh, oh

We on Venus, uh, uh
Blowing demons, uh, uh
I'm in Neiman's, 'bout to bank two thousand pieces, uh, uh
I won't hold you, I tell the truth, she don't believe me, uh, uh
Cartier's under my brow, feel like Stevie, uh, uh
It's that [?], he come through in that four-seat, yeah
That's your man? I ain't know you f**k with lame sh*t, yeah
Hoe, you press me at the function like I fight, damn yeah
Man, that whip be cool, 340 like a titan

[Verse 1]
Yeah, b*t*h, I'm a dog, I will not fold
I don't know what you was told
Tints on the vehicle blacker than coal
If we approach, then we takin' his soul
I do not punch, I do not spar, I'ma just sit in the car
She tell me my character right over alley
I'm playin' her like a guitar
I got some alcohol, I got the weed
Baby, just tell what you need
Blowin' on cookie, I barely could breathe
I need a mask and I need me some beats
I'm in a club, so I needa dip right before I was seen
Just like a jock, I put this powder right into my drink
Now I'm high as f**k and I'm blinging

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