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Only The Poets

"If You’d Only Try"

[Verse 1]
You don't answer your phone
And I'd go 'round, but you're never home
I've been trying to reach ya
Though I've got nothing to teach ya
I can't leave you on your own
It's been some months since the breakup
And you've been stuck in the dark
Then we have a new lover
Another person to smother
Don't let it tear you apart
Your words might get lost in the thunder and rain
Wish you could just say

That I could swim in your eyes
And I can share the tears you cry
You could make it out alive
Darlin', if you'd only try
Don't slide down the spiral and thoughts in your head
I don't want you to lose your place
In the game that we call life
Darlin', if you'd only try

[Verse 2]
When did we get so old?
How could you wish you were younger?
The lives will go deeper
We struggle to heal ya
But it's no reason to be colder
The love that I have for you might not explain
The things that I wanna say
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