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"Cloud Blu"

[Spoken Word: Maximilian Battle & IDK]
So Max
Tell me what happens when you die

Mmm, mmm, oh, oh, I know
Your soul leaves its body and starts rising to the sky
You go past the clouds, past space, past the universe
And then you get to the gates of Heaven
Then, the pearly gates open and you walk inside
And you see everyone that died
Like grandma, Mrs. Lynch, and 2Pac, and Biggie
Um... Oh, oh, and you see a mountain
A-a, a big, big, big, big mountain
W-w-with a line that goes on forever and ever
And, a-and a circle that looks like something very, very, uh... tippy top!
And then you get in the back of the line and you start waiting and waiting and waiting
And then you wait some more, and more, and more, and more
And more, and more
Then you get closer, and closer, and closer
Until you're next in line
When it's finally your turn
You wake up from your dream because God isn't f*cking real

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