John Mark Pantana

"Made for Jesus"

[Verse 1: John Mark Pantana]
Deep in the caverns of Your heart
Stood Your beloved, Your daystar
The fairest among ten thousand wines
You formed the seasons and fixed the time
You gave me smiles in the morning light
Creation flowed from pure love
You were crafting, I was breathing
You were laughing, I was reaching
Oh, for You

[Chorus: John Mark Pantana]
I was made for Heaven
I was made for Jesus
I was made to walk in the cool of day with You
With You, yea-ea-eah

[Verse 2: Olivia Dyer]
Cursed in the garden of paradise
You knew the pain from a lover's eyes
To get us back, You gave it all
Filled in the likeness of flesh on earth
You bore the cross that we deserved
You've gotten down on one knee
Spirits breathing, now I'm living
We've been married, now I'm seeing
What I was made for
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