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"Trending Topic"

Verse 1 :

Im like who dat
How you doing like the way you do that
Thinking bout ya smile hoping you don't fool back
Beauty & some brains brazy you ain't choose that
I wanna f*ck with you im glad that you know that

Im looking closely
Damm you control me
Met you on the book but really lowkey
Late night convos but you always nosey
Always angry then reply back with emojis

You different
Thinking bout ya smile in a instinct
Always got my back girl i love it when you listen
Late night drills you catch the victim then we kissing
Its hard to fall in love when ya heart goes missing

Jordans ?
Pair of foreign feets when we touring
You talk a lot of sh*t but im glad you not boring
Going through a lot but see you the one im calling
I met you in the storm then you brought me at the auction

Chorus 2X :

I like you
I like where this is going with a title
Ya inspiration always calling me ya idol
Recidals ?
Im sorry that ya heart got recycled
You live & learn now move on im beside you

Verse 2 :

He snoring
Call me girl you know that n*gga boring
He say he got you but see im the one you calling
Im bringing sunny days that n*gga steady pouring
Life is to short get in the whip & stop mouring

Moving lazy
Ya problems always seem to drive me brazy
He moving shadey i guess he felt the vibe lately
Ive been around you just seem to amaze me
He moving salty but you know its okay see

Now you got it ya friends thinking how you so important to me
Ya man a lil slow so i gotta keep it on me
He tryna lock you down but i got the key up on me
Now you need a rollie

Now we up now
Picking and choosing now we picking on a plot now
We came to far so baby girl how we gone stop now
I fount you in a stadium now its lights out we fount the right crowd

My foreign car
Im tryna make it out you always speed hard
You loved a n*gga ever since the day you pushed start
I hope the finish just as strong as the push start
We had a good start

You into me
Ya n*gga mad at me now now we enemies
Its whatever though he knowing its my tendency
Scoring from half court and crossover remember me
Its a penalty im just saying

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