60 Second Assassin
Valentine Day Massacre
[Intro: 9th Prince]
Yeah I'm back... Cilvaringz...

[9th Prince]
Aiyo, unlock the chain, relieve stress from my brain
You know it's militant, while we hoppin' the train
Killarm's a street gang, Stapleton hang out, no doubt
Street professor with the most clout, show you what it's about
Mathematics, bitches with a brolic ass
Automatics that cause havoc, for fast cash
Pedal bark, Allah trademark in the heart
A young Mozart, swim with tiger sharks in the wet myst
Of Shaolin Dark Art, a million soldier march
Ferocious, tear ligaments apart
Crack your bones, stick and stones, black Al Capone
Torture microphone, broke many barriers but still an unknown
The Desert Eagle chrome, war poems
The home was built like the Prince of Egypt's throne
We can take it back to Soldiers of Darkness
Where Madman was heartless, killed their whole squadrons

[60 Second Assassin]
By all God's be fury, you get thrown in the maze of court and jury
The psychopath, chief of the warcloud
Warpath, whipping up his ass, hold up this world like Atlas
Incarnating, styles you can call, death child know while I flinch
Of the eyebrow, I be sensin' the crack of a smile
Alright runt, play wild child
Enter the pow-wow, in a stance I'mma bow
Because you foul, you should be stripped of your gown
Mutilated, made, and shipped out
What the fuck you done tripped out, missed out
Sixty Second count the amount
You seem to lost your whereabout, there about
I get 'em now, roundhouse, every second snake out
Try to break out, get knocked about
Fifty-two blocks on the house!
[Chorus: Blue Raspberry]
Killa, it ain't no where you can run to...
Killa, damn sure, ain't nowhere you can hide (nowhere to hide)
Killa, Valentine's, Valentine's Day Massacre

I spit here, trynna follow what the words of men
Allah's book given to me, but ignored instead
Catching dust on the side of my bed, God forgive me
God forgive me, I've written and read plee
I live, I give, myself to your mercy, oh lord
It hurts me, blessed with the view of the world, before 30
And razors in the mouth like Birdie, see God is mighty
And all of the things he knew
So he wrote the verse in 33.62
That's why I fight against the Sunnah, the Ummah and Bruhah
Sponsor the heart, for the ruler, the king and moolah
He speaks of these things incorrectly
For the Qu'ran, states Allah's word directly
Always, exactly, nothing neglected, perfected
For clear understanding, so check it

[Shabazz the Disciple]
This be the 16 bar rosery reading, of the unholy heathen
You soul will be leaving, you be needing them roses
And meeting death, lead pillow wet, watchin' silhoutte
As it rose in in the evening
Inhalin' the gospel too deep, your brain and your nose will be bleeding
Impaler, upside down cruciform's, how I nail ya
Cremate your fuckin' flesh to ashes, then inhale ya
Dark angel of death, sent in to strangle the breath
Got you entangled in my hell rectangle of angles of death
Blow your spirit out the back of your head, and smack the seven ghosts
Summoned ya ass back from the dead, rapped to them Heaven's host
Sentenced through wages for your sin days
Have the Priest, puttin' your ashes on they foreheads on Ash Wednesday
Beloved layin' with they soul as ya smothered with dirt
Mother prayin' from the cold vision, as he hovers the Earth
The ceremony at the cathedral, will be evil for those listening
February the fourteenth, all behold the bloody Christening