60 Second Assassin
Shining Star (Trackmaster’s Remix - Long Version)
[Intro: Beenie Man]
All american girls are shinin shinin shinin
And all the latino girls dem shinin shinin shinin

[Chorus: Beenie Man]
Father Abraham have many Sunz and
We're the Sunz of Father Abraham
So are the Sunz of Man and so are you
So let's just sing this song, come again

[Killah Priest]
Hip hop started out in the dark
Yo, we used to do it Lafeyette Park
Yo, Back in '83, I rocked Boss and JVC
I'm by Allah, what, who wanna MC?
Don't panic, I push the Panasonic b***on
I transhore, rock, express myself somethin
I microphone fiend MC's that watch me freeze
I body rock till I flat top, then I squeeze
I bring block partys to anybody wanna rob me
I beat em till their legs are wobbly
Screamin sorry, pullin out my shotty
For anyone who wanna copy
My style, that was just a mere hobby

[Hell Razah]
Go read your bibles, y'all worship idols
We number uno, black or latino
We be teachin so that you know
So understand that the rhymes that's deep
Learn your lesson before you even carry your heat
Eh yo, it's been a long time
I totally left you without another rhyme to step to
Shining Star ladies in the jam, we crept thru
Chk-chk-Glocks up, don't make me have to wet you
Y'all n***as want a beef, we can shoot at you
Whoever wanna killa, we could do that too
I got death scared to come around me, angels surround me
I hold my breath, go underground, why let you drown me
I let the King's of King's County, make em bow, crown me
We too rowdy rowdy, n***as couldn't never clown me
Check the blacksmith, shoot affair, wanna smack sh*t
Everybody wanna be involved in this rap sh*t
We on some never die Chirst is black sh*t
Breath the same life, sword sword in the mask is
Turn the poor life, Hell Razah turned to Lazurus
Very hazardous, BK be my Nazurith, same address
We use the hot burners under the mattress
Never scared to clap it and act like it didn't happen
Eh yo, don't buy if you won't start a riot with it
If you gon' live by the sword, you gon' die wit' it

[Hook: Beenie Man]
All american girls are shinin shinin shinin
And all the latino girls dem shinin shinin shinin
And all the caribbean girls dem shinin shinin shinin
Listen to the DJ's song

[60 Sec. A**a**in]
When 60 strike a mic, I recite precise the hype
So get it right, make my brothers unite
I pimp-up scripts and suck on clits
Vex on wet, n***as slip and get tossed in a Abyss
Take yo' last breath cuz 60 sure 'nuff means death
Comin back like I'm avengin a company's debt
Recollect, shake your vest thru your chest
I shoot back, smack the war with blood as evidence
I done contracts, skip that, for that, you heard it
Sunz of Man war track, play it back
Who thought we played that? The Hay stack Calhoun of rap
Straight jacket, don't beam, yo, track it
Record settin, department, corrected international business section
Empolyed by wettin, for whoever in the Hell wanna come contestin

[Prodigal Sunn]
Well bless the sun and the flesh
Dunn, of course I'm fresh
What you ever though that I was writin?
I'm f**kin, I beg your pardon
Right in his Ac, crucify tracks and break backs
Since the '80's, black, ladies attack the young mack
Generate plaques in place from state to state
Before 88's snatchin tables, turn turn to turntables
Rockin stage doors, project hoes, we makin dough
And I blast at crews with 4-4's, elevate the poor
Educate more, dampin horse, stamp your w****
Settle the score, I'm hardcore
For the top to the bottom, bottom to the top
Prodigal Sunn, y'all and I just don't stop

[Beenie Man]
Yo, don't disrespect it, respect it, dunn, follow the motion
Can't test the man, then go and beat the poor man
Don't bother this, who me? A real Jamaican
With a book, come read it to teach a nation
King Salasi tell us 'bout education
Marcus Gavi tell us 'bout our poor creation
With a crowd up in a confusion
All them trifees do is walk in fling pay cons
God, nah educate my D's with prost**ution
Wanted men of rasta in a rasta-tution
Fun, yo, they messin up the situation
Listen DJ's sing the conversion
Lyrics never bear now the mic is in-a mi arm
Knowin come and feel the Sunz of Man
Who I am? Come here, man, don't ask me where me from
Summon black will ogel me a pro black man
Listen to the DJ's song