Forever lyrics

94 Fatso

This war will never stop this sh*t forever dawg
I got demons deep inside im boutta let em out
Go spinnin on the opps and i feel betta dawg
& we gon double back if we ain't get em all

People comin round just wanna build problems
If you my dawg then i ain't finna steal from ya
Dat my n***a he gon put dat steel on em
Drill on em, drill on em

Angel on my shoulder, devil in my ear
I feel like as im getting older, angels dissapear
No we cannot do dis over, you ain't keep it real
Tdg we takin over, we dont care how u feel

We gon ride around
See if we could catchem on that side of town
Look me eye to eye & bring that fya out
We gon give dem n***a sum to slide about

Remember when u tried to do me wrong
Na i gotchu listenin all my songs
You taught me a lesson that im on my own
Dont call my phone, not all night long

If u worth it, i could fight for u
U deserve it i could a knife for u
Im determined dis what i like to do
And i ain't gon neva stop, dis sh*t here forever dawg

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