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94 B-lo

"Jackie Chan"

Could’ve bought a crib
Could’ve bought a stick
Should’ve shot the whole thing but I’m too rich
Could’ve bought the gang chains but we bought some bricks
We’ll take you to the clique and cheat you like a b*tch

We got sticks at us so nobody gon get close
Used to wake up
Kick yo door ?
Now I wake up
f*ck yo hoe
Big boss spillin down the road ?
Play with us get ?
Play with use ?
We ain’t buy them bricks from the store?
Opps spin on our block
We gon make em get lost
I get paper Lin ? And Rick Ross
Play with them sticks
Like this lacrosse
We will not split ?
We will not cross
Over a zip
You can get opps
I’m f*ckin yo b*tch
That ain’t my fault
Im f*ckin yo b*tch
She givin top

My youngins really killin
We was the east side villains
We on the rap sh*t
We get millions
Still in the trap
Still rappin bout chickens?
f*ckin yo b*tch from the back when I’m finished
I like her mouth I’m tryna get in it
If you got a bank? You know we gon spin it
Never been broke we always go get it

(94 B-lo)
Jackie Chan
Ya this pistol got a kick aye
Call of duty
I got diamonds on my blick aye
Tony hawk
I might catch that n*gga slippin
Glock 9
Yea I pop out with a di*k aye

Y’all not finna take my life
Ima walk around with a big 4 5
Red white b*tch
Is she naughty or nice
Ion want the sex
I want the neck
I heard it’s fire

Came over
She sucked me for the free
She ain’t want my main man
She just wanted me
Starrin at my pants
Ima let her catch a peak
Hit and run
I hit her once
That’s a felony

Ain’t nothin to get you head knocked off
I just gotta make one call
Ion wanna shop at Ross no more
I wanna buy out the mall
Pass you the grip
You passed it back
Call that a pick and roll
Pull up to the scene with all my bros
AK gon take yo soul
If the oppas really want the smoke
Ima hit up Splurge phone
Under that pressure that boy don’t fold
Put 22 shoots in yo dome

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