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Miles Carter

"I’m Still Here (2019)"

I wanna hear your voice say my name
With I love you right after
Picture me and you, in a vehicle, filling silence with laughter
Picture me and you in the future right
With no filter right
Just chillin, nights spent thinking “damn, is this it?”
I’ve been thinking about our future
And this might be to soon
But we could start the rest of our lives
I'd spend the rest of my life with you
Spent a lot of time thinking
How to say these words to you
And honestly I just don’t know how, so look

f*ck what your man said
I’m the man saying it now
And if he said you wasn’t worth it
Then I guess he wasn’t worthy
Cause you're a prize in my eyes
And I’m glad he didn’t see it
Cause my visions a little clearer
I think about you when I’m breathing
And our generation makes it easy
These nice words could get me far
So let me take it one step further
Let me work for who you are
Don’t let me in because I’m funny, or I’m cute, or make you smile
Let me prove to you I’m good for you
And I’m here to stay
Some times
I think our generation makes it easy
But I’m hardworking like this
Brick by brick I’ll learn your walls
Before I break through them and if
You don’t know it yet
You know it now
You’re a universe inside
A vessel for nirvana
God poured himself inside
I couldn’t dismiss God if I tried
You are living and breathing proof
How could I not believe
When I see God in you

But when I’m all alone in my room
I find my thoughts follow you
My mind is runs circles around the fact you walked away
The fact you didn’t stay despite the things you used to say
(I love you. Hahaha I f*cking love you. I love you)

I gave you my time, and you sat me in a waiting room
And I waited for you, for a second past forever
A second chance is what I wanted
But what you wanted wasn’t me
Said you didn’t want a relationship, I didn’t know you meant with me

I miss the with you in my everything
The with you in my head
The with you one those movie dates
The with you with your friends
The one with the problems and she'd never stop talking
With or without you I promise I'll still miss you from within

And everytime I see you, you look better
Why are you doin this to me?
Seems like you moved on
And I’m moving slowly
Seems like you’re doing fine
And I’m still here
Then you fell in love
And I’m still here
Can I ask
Did he find the pieces of you I’ve held on to
That part of your youth, When’s the last time you felt youthful?
That part of your smile only I know, cause you know and I know
I’m the reason for it, and for it
I’d walk four decades around this earth backwards
Just to hear your voice say my name with I love you right after

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