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Miles Carter

"My Personal Sunset"

If we’re being honest
I’m obsessed with the sky
When I look at sunsets I wonder how satisfied God must feel after painting them
And when I think about God I think about how everything in our world functions as half to a whole,
Through days and nights, or men and women

I wonder if God split itself into a million halves just to refind itself again

So When I think about refinding ones self
I think about the day I found you,
The half to my whole, skin like gold
You smile when I tell you there are no sunsets that could take my gaze off you

my personal sunset

I have been told I have a tendency to love hard
So I’ll try to love you gently

I’ll wait for you to find yourself on days when mirrors don’t reflect familiar faces
I’ll be peace,
The kind you can rest your head knowing I’ll still be here in the morning
I’ll be careful,
Because I know the past hasn’t treated you as well as our future will

If I’m being honest
I always find myself trying to find myself
And I’m not confident every day
So I hope it means more when I confidently say I love you
I struggle with insecurities
I won’t project this onto you
I will not make it your duty to show me how to love myself
I only ask that you love me in the way you do -


I’m obsessed with the sky
But I look at you and wonder how satisfied God must feel, having painted something more beautiful than sunsets

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