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Miles Carter

"The Weatherman"

I met a girl when it was partially cloudy. She was beautiful. We did everything you’d only dream of. I stayed up at night to wait for a new day with her. When we were together we were alone, together. and though clouds painted the world grey, it only emphasized her vibrancy. We loved with vendetta against unhappiness and remorse. I guess eventually that wasn’t enough, because happiness left her eyes as clouds would leave the sky and soon I left her.

I met a girl when it was sunny. She was bright, and fun, and full of opinions. It wasn’t love, but it was a close second. We spent the better part of my first summer together, I’d visit her every day. She never talked as much as she’d have liked to, we said more in bed than we did out. A minute with her was never a minute wasted, so those minutes turned to hours and hours turned to days and days turned to weeks until I had to leave. and I guess I was gone for too long because when I returned she’d already found her sky.

That summer I met depression when it was rainy

I met a girl when it was windy. I was her, and she was me. We blew past the phases of friendship and fell into love. She was the better part of everything I’d ever wanted, everything we did was unorthodox. The love we had traveled the winds into my second summer. She brought thrill, and excitement. Excitement I couldn’t wait to share with my friends because there was no one like her, except for me. and I’d never liked myself so I can understand why there were times I didn’t like her. So I left. And my friends took a liking to her. Some, more than others. when I'd found my way back whatever we had was lost in a dust of nostalgia.

And I missed her, like I imagine the summer misses the winter between season changes.

It’s Autumn now. I tried changing with the trees, but I couldn’t. Some days are warm, but most are cold. Nights are darker and the days aren't remembered. My thoughts are filled with things God would turn his head too but none of these relationships were failures.

A failure would have been to not have loved at all

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