Young Don The Sauce God

[Intro: Dior & Young Don The Sauce God]
Da-Damn Dior this sh*t crazy
She loves when I call her Rosalina

End of the night, still on the Run, tryna find my way (Yea, yea)
Heart full of lies, don't wanna go but I don't wanna stay
Just for a night, baby can we drink our problems away?
Girl if you like

I can show you why we don't need to
Wait, wait, Yea, wait
Don't need to be everlasting (Yea,yea) girl I know you know what i'm asking
Yea I know your last wasn't like
Me, me, me
Love it when you dance with the lights low, take another sip make the night slow Oh (Slowdown, slowdown, slowdown, slowdown)

[Verse 1]
Try me, Just for a night if you please (Just for a night please)
You said you're settling down, (Down), that never mattered to me (Yea)
Telling me she found someone that would need her
Someone close that would never leave her (Yea)
I still call her Rosalina, when she's off on the gasolina yea
Beans in the bag, keys in the Jag, girl you know that's how we rolling Leave what you have, he just a fan, thought that you said he boring
She likes all the bright lights, no time for the right time
Let's take a trip for the day, I know a spot by the bay
Girl lets get wavy, baby don't waste me
She loves when I call her Rosalina now we both on the gasolina yea
She knows I won't change, that's why she won't stay, let's make this last, just one more glass-

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