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Childish Gambino

"TimTom vs TheAMaazing Rap Battle"

[Intro: TimTom]
Let's go

[Verse 1: TheAMaazing]
You're rapping 'gainst a Maazstermind
Animates to pass the time
Brown appeal: Redefined
Aussie to keep you in the line
Lookin' for something new
Found myself a discount, James
A man made of marshmallow
With a green top
"That's so lame!"
Unlike you, I'm consistent
Uploading for the fans
So why don't you get a grip?
Oh wait - you don't have hands
And you think your plans get funny when you
Add that ".com"
You ain't pullin' moves on me
So put your pants back on
Tim, you wanna battle me
But Maaz is on the attack
Roast you like that oven room
You won't be able to hit back
I be spitting verbal fire
You be begging, "No more!"
With some chocolates and some crackers
Sit down, I'm makin' s'mores

[Verse 2: TimTom]
You think you can handle me, the up and coming prodigy?
Honestly? Oh please, let me clear that fallacy
I 'been risin' on this animation trend flawlessly
You're just wasting time
'Nother story-telling wannabe
You're a failure that can't rap or follow rhythm
Why'd you try so hard to understand the algorithm?
You should spend your time working on a video
Quit those cringey dabs and rapping
Chunks, I'm gonna blow!

[Verse 3: The AMaazing]
Are you dissing how I tween?
What do you even do?
No effort
Guess who wrote these lines, not you!
Your growth is slowing fast, and I bet it's made you wonder
'Cause your time has passed
Tim, you're going down under
And we know it's back to James that you'll go crawling
Oh and Tim with Skype?
More like, "Daddy's calling!"
So go get a room or somehow break into your own
And think of all the ways how NOT to be a clone
You really think your disses classify as sick bars?
If you wanna mess with me, you gotta aim for the stars!
Because the lines I be spittin' are sicker than SARS
So shut up, sit down, sincerily, Maaz

[Bridge: TimTom]
You think I'm slowing down?
You think YOU'RE in control?
Ha, okay - let's speed it up

[Verse 4: TimTom]
I'm a phenomenon
And you got no idea what I've undergone
If you wanna hit back and then carry on
You're gonna need a thing that you won't get on Amazon:
You've never drawn
And I'm not gonna marathon 'till the doomsday
I'm getting ready, I'm hopping on a wrecking ball
So hot I got my bread and butter
Ruining your day
I go to Maaz's stream, I hear his laughter roar
Then I go back to my channel, 'cause your vids are such a bore!
I can't hear your comebacks over sounds of fans adoring
More bomb than your luggage, so for you, I'll keep ignoring
Hey Maazy
You a B.Y.T
Wanna see me speak? Then I go, (go, go go!)
'Cause every time I gotta beat I know I gotta beat you up
I'll bend you, and I'll break you, and I'll chop you and I'll eat you up
And PETA might even approve of the way I 'been treating your
Channel, it's not even animal
I kick it in the face and then I leave it at the basin
And IV stuff, and then kill and I'm keeping it real
And I'm picking apart your muscle when I'm thinking about the hustle
Put on ice-

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