Game Time lyrics


Game tied
4th quarter
Coach looking me at like are you ready
It’s game time
And I’m here to remind
Cause they’re so quick to be forgetting

Gonna win it for us
It’s not just for Torrance
It’s going international and global
It’s that kid with nothing becoming a mogul
Story that is charming and hopeful
Throw any defender
Don’t make a difference
Silence the crowd with a run
At this very moment and instance
I ain’t missing
Every shot is a swish
Can cross you over
Blow by you with speed
Take your pick
It’s that champion music
That sounds oh so sweet
After the game
The fans gonna cheer
The fans gonna laugh
Tha fans gonna tweet
On thе streets
I’m known as a baller that is skilled
I rep a squad full of winnеrs
I’m willing to die on this hill
For my goons
For my kingdom
And for the junkyard dog wants to get rowdy
I don’t mind showing him some of my wingchun

Ima get hot
Hotter than magma
Pull up from space
My jumpshot in accordance with NASA
I am papa
I am chief
I am the man who empowers the meek and the weak
I bleed for my team
Cause I know victory is a pretty neat
Thing you can claim
Dawg I’ve trained
My entire life for this moment
And I’m more than ready to show them
My skillsets, my swag
My arsenal of moves
My bag
Of tricks that gives a lick
That make them fear my licking
Remember days when they weren’t picking
Me to join their squad
Cause I wasn’t big time enough
Now they say I’m a god
Hold your applause
And watch me take over
Gamer by nature
My game got me the paper
Gonna clutch it up
And the opposing team gonna know that it’s game over

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