This Little Light Of Mine lyrics


This little light of mine
I’m gonna let it shine
Shine on them hoes
Shine on them goons

Illuminate the darkness
Provide food for thought
So appetizing for a starving artist
I’m trying my hardest
To not get the farthest
But to be a testament
That the battle is won when you get started
I’m like Rudy with the chalk
I’m like Payton with the talk
All I know is
More glory to me received
Is just more glory given back to God
Frowned upon
By those who don’t see
The weight and seriousness of eternity
And that eternity is for keeps
And that my place isn’t to gnash teeth or weep
God uses the weak
And may my life be a display of that opportunity
Gonna shine
Cause I’m shiny
For the speculators
And doubters
I’m up for game
I dare you to try me

Songs of gratitude
Humor that comforts
We don’t do it for no trophies
We don’t it for the numbers
Some may slumber
And I may be slept on
But I kept on
Going like I was cleft, the boy wonder
I got a motor and drive that is high
What can I say, I’m just a tenacious guy
And I find
That when I shine bright
I dismantle the fright
And give others an insight
That makes them want to fight
That lets them feel like they can shine too
I’m too moved by my love for my goons
And I know one thing
A gangster and a hipster can both appreciate my tunes
I won’t fight you
Cause I know I can love you
For those wondering
I be shining oh so bright
And that’s what I been up to
And may heaven come on earth
May I shine, for what it’s worth

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