West Coast Flavor lyrics


Goons out
Vibes good
One time for my hood
You know you can’t imitate the west coast flavor
Smoke one
Drive fast
Goon Kingdom gonna outlast
You know you can’t tarnish the west coast flavor

Cook up something saucy
Ride the waves
Like I was Johnny Tsunami
A concept to some
Free from the law
A slave to none
It’s like that exclusive
That’s imprudent
To the simple living
It’s like passing a test
It’s like coming out as the best
By studying the info that was given
I’m driven
To take me to the greener pastures
Some are aftеr
Fame & folly but that couldn’t be me
Nightmarе before Christmas
Cupid sees me in his dreams
I’m about to lead the Revolution
Come see the impact that we make
This is the feast for the righteous
When all y’all had was an appetite for a slice of the cake

It’s like if Pac was reincarnated
It’s like if the hippies received a messiah
This the jam that makes you get famous
This the jam that makes y’all sing kumbayah
The ancestors of the natives whisper secrets
I got the lurkers and stalkers doing the peeking
And I carry myself oh so well
I eat El Gallito
I also eat Taco Bell
It ain’t hard to tell
That I’m from gangstas and hustlers
And a land of angels
See me in flesh
The mythical creature that I am
And know my tale ain’t some fables
It takes two to tangle
But some say that I’m too much
This is one time for the goon kingdom
One time for my late bloomers
One time for Jesus

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