Hold It Down lyrics


When no one cared
I want you to be well aware
I’ll hold it down
Wanna see if I’m still humble
Whether in the city or the jungle
I’ll hold it down

Don’t worry
I’m not in a hurry
To ditch ya for the next best opportunity
I do it one time for the culture
I do it one time for my community
When I cake off the game
Know you be receving more than just a slice
Never let them throw dirt on your name
I’ll show up to the block on a random Friday night
I’ll pass the torch
Inspire the next Mozart
Be an old soul sitting on my porch
Inspirе all my young goons to go hard
I rise you rise
I win, you win
No need to ballhog
When wе all dropping more than 20
In the movement
What a joy to be improving

Thought of a Prince Charming
May this verse be charmly alarming
In letting you know
I’ll do all I can with my vocals
My production and piano
To create a brand that outgrows
Legends amongst legends
And be in a class of my own
I hope that you know
I don’t want to do this all alone
Wanna give your mama a hug
When we having dinner
Wanna give you and your besties some stuff
That’ll make you feel like you a winner
Gonna make sure you living right
And living side to side
By me
I do it for the homeboys
I do it for the children
But I hope you don’t forget
I do this for my wifey

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