Humble Me So lyrics


It’s not a case of
Trials & error
Embrace the love
Let go of the terror
If they find someone in the kingdom
That’s more fairer
Then I’ll get on my knees
And throw up a prayer

Humble me so
Heaven knows
If I go out of control
And say things that are borderline blasphemous
You copy tweets
And for the girls on the Tok
Come on, put some ass in it
I’m masking with personas
But I got more muscles than Joker
I’m the king of the goons
I can outdo you drunk
I can outdo you sober
I never lose my composure
Cause I know there’s some blokes
Waiting for me when my time is over
But my era spans multiple generations
Temptations sensations
I don’t make complications
Out of things that are simple
Y’all can see me at church
Y’all can see me at the bar
For the haters, I guess you didn’t get the info

Humble me so
This late bloomer that did blossom and grow
Into something legendary and mythical
Love showered now
Heh just last week they were ready to ridicule
I change the world one verse at a time
That’s my Thanos sh*t
My throways are heat sinkers that’ll leave you blind
OGs know
That’s my 박찬호 sh*t
Highly likely to f**k Keira Knightley
While wearing a White tee with baggy jeans
And a pair of Nikes
And go sightsee in Hawaii
With Malia Obama
I’m one call away
From slapping Kim Jong Un in the face
Some honorably call me Goon King
Some honorably call me Korea’s Papa

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