Papa Goon lyrics


Who’s the gooniest goon of them all???
It’s Papa Goon
Who might pop a goon
And give you a wakeup call

Beat got me feeling like an assassin
I’m passing
Legends on some kind of list
For those wondering and asking
Yes… Your sister did suck my d**k
I can be a prick
But I like being a nice guy
I like sometimes hearing, “hey nice try”
Sometimes I feel like getting Five Guys
Over In N Out
But if I’m slim and about
The ways of a vegan
Then I’m screaming
Every time they say
This chick wanna see if you down
I might stay around
I might leave early
I’m surely morе girly
Than a Russian dyke
But if I was to gain a prize
It wouldn’t be for bad drivе
Mediocre pad thais
Small d**ks and slanty eyes
I feel like, “yeahhh I’m doing all right"

My kingdom going strong
I got rough ryders on my side
You’re crew doing it all wrong
Too fixated on what comes with the dotted lines
I can mesmerize
I can dazzle
I can spit some rhymes
I can tackle
Fate says I’m good for this sh*t
The crown is mine
I just wish I wasn’t so bored with this sh*t
Throw up hands signs
Might play you a soft medley
Just don’t be out of line
And make some stories up about how you met me
I’m sexy
My thirst traps
Makes nuns touch themselves
I once had God paint me a rainbow
When I asked him for some kind of help

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