Glowup lyrics


It’s funny
How no one was there when my chips were down
I’m proud to know
The chicks that chose to stay around
It’s funny
How I became the talk of the town
Feels like yesterday
When I got drafted in the 2nd round

Story is evident
A testament
That a good entity rewards
The jibber jabber
The gossip
Is becoming increasingly easier to ignore
Some want more
I’m content with my daily bread
I know I can get high
I know I can create classics
I know I can spend time on a lady’s bеd
I’m well fed
And well brеd
I feel like I run this game
Faithful to my integral components
b*t*h don’t act like you don’t know my name
Fame and the riches
Ima make it rain on my b*t*hes
And have a legacy that’s indisputable
The game needed a hero
A savior in some sense
So I entered as a player that’s suitable

Give the bloggers something to blog about
I walk about
From the land of greatness
To the origins of humble beginnings
I experienced losses
Now it’s my time to be winning
I’m grinning
Cause I get to showcase the east meets west
I’m living
Like I know I’m the GOAT, like I know I’m the best
No contest
I impress
Anyone who stumbles onto my path
Did it my way
Made every day feel like Friday
When there were cats that said, “I shouldn’t rap”
I laugh
You knew me as next level before I even knew I was next level
Shoutout to all those who had faith in me
That I would be able to create something beautiful & special

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