Pterodactyl Extinction lyrics

Orange Juice

Kevin, you gay bro
But your girl Reyna, she thicc (ye)

Woah, now way, a Kevin diss track? (yuh)
Broke boy Kevin finna get his sh*t slapped (Bluh)
Don't forget Reyna, that b*t*h getting clapped (uh)

Pierre out here just chasing his dream cap
The f**k you think you doin talkin smack? (pu**y, ay)
Yeah I say sh*t with your dinosaur t-shirt
We out here making your girl Reyna squirt (uh)
So f**king broke, bro you gotta eat dirt (yummy)
f**k her so hard make her back hurt (thiccy)
Put my d**k in her pu**y, make her fart

Kevin thinks he's cool acting smart
He has the same IQ as a flippin pop tart
Pineapple on pizza that hurts your fart

Kevin go cry to your mommy
You're a filthy commie
Watch out Kevin, I'll hit you with a tommy (bluh)

Reyna gave me shoppy toppy
You're built like Dobby, watching owls is your hobby
You ain't fly b*t*h, you wanna die, b*t*h (ay)
I eat more ass than pizza pie, b*t*h (woah)
Come out and diss me, too shy to try, b*t*h
I wanna try to date you ain't gonna lie, b*t*h
But I flex harder than chicken thigh, b*t*h (yuh)
My verse is over so I hentai, b*t*h (word)

I heck your goldfish in a bush
Your heart is cold as hindu kush
You think you're funny but you should just shush (ew)
Poppin out with those t-rex puns
You're the only one having fun, Loser
Got the Glock you better run (yuh)
This ain't a toy this a gun (bluh)
Reyna call me daddy so you my son
My pockets weigh a ton cause I carry more than just ones
This song feel like it just begun, so fire like the sun
Roast Kevin, now I'm done



Kevin, rest in peace bro, you suck
Stop wearing dinosaur t-shirts, hella lame
Get outta here

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