Perfect Disaster (Acoustic) lyrics

Drew Sycamore

You're like Russian roulette
With five bullets
I put my money on red
But the odds say I'll lose it
Oh, your lies are so sweet
Jealousy so romantic
We fight so beautifully
Oh, I just gotta have it

With you, I'm gonna die young
But without you nothing's fun
And I know that I should run
But I put my money on red
With you, I'm gonna die young
The heart wants the things it wants
You know that you should run
But you put your money on red 'cause

First time you laid eyes on me
That second it was tragedy
And third day we were meant to be
We were a perfect disastеr
Five days in a row
I'm waking up to six missed calls
In sevеn days forgive it all
It goes as perfect disaster-saster-saster
Won't you come back home faster, faster? Yeah, yeah

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