She Wins, I Lose lyrics

Robert Grace

She said
I don't want a conversation
Even though you think I might
I ain't like the other fake girls
They just wanna fall in line
And if you catch one
You know it's only for the night
And she said
Save yourself the money
I don't really wanna waste my time

[Pre Chorus]
Wasn't looking for anyone
But now she's the only one
After all that she's said and done
Why's it feel so right?

I barely know her
But I'm already thinking I'm not her type
So why do, I try so hard to please her
Cause aw she's such a teaser
Don't really know what it is
But it's making me lose my mind
In that dress, and thosе shoes, the tattoos
She wins, I losе
She wins, I lose

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