Experiments in Revival lyrics

Lemon Demon

[Verse 1]
Die-hard fans adore your hands
They love your throat and, quote-unquote, "you"
Hey, remember Michael Jackson?
Michael Jackson really happened
Delta Echo Alpha Delta
Walking on the moon forever

[Chorus 1]
You are dead and buried, you are dead (Oh no)
That's being revised!
Even as we speak we're synthesizing blood and organs
Everything will be okay
Even Katy Perry knows you're dead (Oh no)
Won't she be surprised!
When we get your heart to start tomorrow
When you see the chart tomorrow you'll be at the top

[Verse 2]
Bro, you look amazing!
Really put together
It's like you haven't aged a day
It's like we know what we're doing or something
You've been gone for way too long
Like half a year - an entire career for some
Good luck getting into Heaven
If you live past twenty-seven
Listen to the radiation
Televize the revelation

[Chorus 2]
You are dead and buried, you are dead (Oh no)
But you never died!
Even as we speak we're synthesizing blood and organs
Everything will be okay
Ain't no cemetery you can't shed (Oh no)
Ain't nowhere you can hide!
Don't be frightened of us
Soon enough you're gonna love us, just remember

This is your last ride ever, forever
Fill up your lungs - feel better?
Look - it's you, we missed you
New hands, new throat, new living tissue
You earned this new purpose
Lifetime achievement award

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