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"​all these racks"

Lyrics from Snippet

All these racks, in my pocket
Told that pus*y n*gga stop it (Yeah)
If I like it, I’ma cop it
Louis V, on my body
Shaking ass, she [?]
Laughing to the bank, while I’m on the phone with my accountant
I don’t like to talk much, yeah so I don’t say nothing
Remember I was broke, now I’m rich, it ain’t really [?]
If you wanna see me dead, yeah, [?]
I’m aiming for they head, uh, [?]
Yeah, yeah yeah, how these n*ggas coming
I got b*tches shaking ass, yeah, and I’m throwing hunnids
Think im off a xan, yeah i can feel it in my stomach

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