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Alexander 23

"1, 2 (chloe moriondo edit)"

[Verse 1: mxmtoon]
I'm getting tired always going to my head
Everything I don't say is everything that I regret
Why's growing older filled with all these growing pains?
Now do this, don't do that
Take a step from the past

[Pre-Chorus: mxmtoon]
It all makes sense when I'm with you
You're in my headphones in my room
You lift me up to see the view
(The view, the view, the view)

[Chorus: mxmtoon]
Oohoo, oohoo
I only wanna be with you, oohoo
It doesn't matter what you say or what you do
My number one, I'll be yours too
Like, oohoo, oohoo
I only wanna be with you

[Verse 2: mxmtoon & chloe moriondo]
My greatest fear was ending up all by myself
But I would rather be alone than be with someone else (Someone else)
You take the darkest days and fill them up with light
Turn the greys into blues

Into little diamonds in the sky
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