Carole & Tuesday

"All I Want"

アンジェラ (Vo. Alisa) 「All I Want」 歌詞

[Verse 1: Alisa]
Everybody's always looking at me from afar
Yeah, they are, I...
I can't help it, I was always meant to be a star
I'm a star
They wanna be with me or just wanna be me
I could have them all
But the one I desire is the one that just doesn't care
It's not fair

[Chorus: Alisa]
All I want is you now
But you're the only one that passes by
All I want is you now
Oh, I wish that I could read your mind
Why won't you kiss me? It's really so easy
It's like you don't see me at all
Why won't you love me? I know that I'm worthy
But right now you make me feel small

[Verse 2: Alisa]
Every second that I'm thinking 'bout you is a dream
Such a dream
And I remember that you couldn't care less
And it makes me wanna scream
I'll keep my composure and act like I'm over it
Like everything's okay
But on the inside, I just wanna cry and cry
It's not right
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