I’m Comin
[Hook: Mannie Fresh]
I'm comin (like a relic in a pick-up truck)
Ba** hummin (15s in the back of us)
Still runnin (like a energizer bunny bruh)
Hood plumbin (lay a big d**k down in her)

Yo woman (stripper comin down on the pole)
Show somethin (big t**ties and the a**hole)
Drums drummin (out the escalade on 24s)
Yeah Uh Oh!

Chicago's #1 Flicka N***a back on it
2003 Caddy with that burberry rag on it
It's mink on the floor, the seats is ostrich
What else can I say family we some mobsters
This cash money you know we the boss of this hood sh*t
Floss in this hood get, shots in his hood quick
This big tymin' man, put them little rides up
We 600 whippas put them little 5s up
Cash money, we ain't duckin and dodgin
We bustin and ridin, Caddy truckin and prowlin
What the f**k are ya hollin
Entourage of benz, 'lacs, and beamers
With dime b*t*hes with a**es fat as Trina's
Whoa I got my 4 tuck
Me I'm out for more bucks
'03 I'm pullin up the Lam with the doors up
And watch these w****s f**k and suck like crazy
Can't f**k wit cash money, you n***as is crazy (BIOTCH)


See I flip the color daddy, change my paint
Switch my rims, my mats is mink
Pull out the console, I drank to thank
Got them alligator seats on a full tank
But Ay-ay, 25 28s
Big money, heavy weight
Vet navigation system ridin' through the states
Wooo, them special made tires
To fit my ride, I put a dove in the inside
Stunna (n***a) muthaf**ka
(Rim trucks!!)
Sittin on them muthaf**kin gittas
B.B. King, blues daddy
Know what I mean? (know what I mean?) know what I mean?
Got big truck drivers
Hoes don't mind us
(Oh you think it's a game, ma?)
B*t*h stand behind us
It's nothin but minks and it's cold as f**k (brrrrrrrrrr)
B*t*h hop in this truck!!

There go lil TQ
And he comin in the cutla**, gettin his hair blew
Not givin a f**k about nothin that you hoes do
Don't underestimate my pimpin cuz it's serious fool
I'm on hunnit spokes
I gots fo' hoes
I got some Joe I got some drink, I got some dominoes
If ya thank the sh*t is stankin, bring some drama ho
That's on momma though
We got big gats, gems and trucks, on stunna rims baby
#1 Stunna, that's my dumma, Mannie Freezy, that's my dawg
Big Tymers, we big ball
(TQ, Mik, and Gilly!!)
Got em takin it off
Woooo, let the bottles pop!
(B*t*hesssssss) Let the panties drop (makes bottle-pop sound)
Oops, bout to shake the spot
Cuz we don' f**ked around and don' got too hot