Ian Noe

"Road May Flood"

Well, this road may flood tonight
If I heard the weatherman right
I ain’t seen a cloud in sight, the whole damn day

There ain’t a soul in this old coal town
Lonely on the old fairground
Empty rides are spinnin’ ‘round
I guess it’s on its way

May have to get myself a boat
A couple paddles and a good raincoat
Dig myself out the deepest moat
To keep it all at bay

Last time it rained I didn’t sleep for weeks
Dreamin’ (or ‘Worryin’) ‘bout those risin’ creeks
The gravel bars and busted beech, (?)
Mountain sides’ll break

Yes, I’ll say it’s been a haunted life
Used to have a Christian wife
Lost her like a pocketknife
Slidin’ down the bank

You know this road’s been a pretty good friend
I’ve drove it every night since then
I run around every bend
Never sure if I’m awake...
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