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Lil Nas X

"Same sh*t (Freestyle)"

Caught up in the same sh*t
Tryna keep it low until I get the fame sh*t
Get the yens, find my yin to my yang sh*t
With the gang, but I don't really bang sh*t
Uh, they bidding on me like an auction
Pretty soon, I’ma be they top option
Tell my jeweler, get the cooler when the rocks done
No school, Ferris Bueller, I'm a hot one
Uh, they ain't sh*t, and they remain sh*t
They miss, they aimless
Disdain, they main hits
They all the same sh*t
All the same hit
They disappear in a year on that Blane sh*t
These n***as is coughin’, yes, I kill often
They say they got bars
Where is the warden?
I ball like Boston
Just keep on, just scorin'
I am who they sleep on, they snorin'
Sometimes I really hate switching my flow up
'Cause I know these n***as could rip it and blow up
I'm really out here working hard for my glow up
Broke sh*t make me sick, make me cough, make me throw up
Can't f**k with these n***as, they pu**y, they petty
That top spot for taking, they book me, I'm ready
They said you was next? Well, they must never met me
I'm saucing on n***as, Ragu, like spaghetti
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