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Yung Møro


[Verse 1]
Everybody looking, yeah they plotting against me
Yeah they run up on my gang and they try to finesse me
Why you trynna beef with a n*gga like me?
13 bands on my Balenciaga tee
Punta Cana yeah la Romana
She blond she thick, yeah like f*cking Maddona

To el mundo me ta mirando, no saben que hacer
Dicen vamo pa la calle ata el amenecer
To lo ganter lo único que quieren e prender
Yo me toy volviendo loco con eta mujer

[Verse 2]
Yeah this girl drives me crazy
Saying f*ck you that sh*t ain't even faze me
Thinking about the sh*t that we could’ve done
If you wasn’t close minded, wed be having fun

[Verse 3]
Out in Boca Raton, we’d be chilling
But you’re not with me, yeah you out there with a villain
Yeah you got me popping medicinal penicillin
You ain't even think about the sh*t that I be feeling

[Verse 4]
You trynna f*ck with a real guy
I be 1 2 3 4 5 guys
Cut you off like drake yeah mob ties
But a real man sh*t ain't never cried

[Verse 5]
But you ain't trynna say it
You ain't trynna f*ck with me, damn I should know better
But she a perfect girl, yeah she by the letter
Imma stand up, yeah homie go and get her

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