Bottom Of The Food Chain lyrics

Elijah James

I need to leave right now
This might be the last time you see me again
I would stay but they
Are searching for me, they want me dead, and they prey
My backs against the wall, so they can't take any dirty shots
I can see them coming, they saw me making progress and now
They hate me, they want to shoot me down
You better watch out

Chorus: At the bottom of the food chain x4
At the bottom of the x2

There are predators out there, I am
Surrounded by darkness, i can
See their eyes starring down, from above x2
Why did you stop in the middle of your sentence?
Is there something I should know? I should know
It's not the physical pain that hurts me
It's the uncertainty, of when it'll all go down
How it'll end, when you're


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