Thinking Too Much

Elijah James

Intro: "Yea, I'm not a rapper but, sometimes I feel like rapping is the only way to vent
So don't be offended, because if you know me personally, this one is probably about you so, yea"

My past girls didn't want me cause' I think too much
Can't even comment on your Facebook, I ain't cool enough
Cause' you was pretty "bad" back in high school and stuff
Don't let your ego get ahead of you, what's "cool" is funds
Cause' after school you get enlightened to misleading things
Like how life ain't about popularity, or which party you was at last week
How you got f**ked up and can't remember one thing, thing
Like how you cheated, but you was drunk, so you "didn't mean it"
Or how you've been meaning to tell me but you just didn't see a
Right time or a place, so you texted rather than say it to my face
A disgrace, cause' you didn't want to get embarrassed
So you tell your parents and your brothers that I pulled your hair and sh*t?
Or how I "beat your ass" and "life's not fair" and sh*t
Just admit it you're embarrassed, out in public, other men are looking
Won't give me no hugs and no kisses, so miss me

(It's probably cause' I'm white huh?)

See back in the day I was like the only white boy in my school
Me and my brother had to get in fights just to be cool
With the black population, discriminated against
It would't be the last time I was hated against
I f**kin' hated going to college, it was awkward as f**k
White boys lookin' at me like "Dude, where's he from?"
"What's up with his accent? Yea, he probably thinks that he's tough"
Naw, my face is just rough cause' of where I grew up
I'm actually a pretty nice guy if you knew me enough
Quick to judge ignoramuses, reminds me of my mom's ex wife
I swear to god that woman ruined my life
Had the nerve to tell me I ain't have it that bad
Not to complain that I even had it that bad
But to hear it from the one who took my mom from my dad
Married her later, to divorce, and take half of her cash
Cause' half of that cash is actually in fact
The cash taken from my dad in court, during divorce
But I would've went to prison had I beat her ass
Damn, can I get a pass? Where's the justice at?
f**k the system, it's hard to be a good christian
With these criminal thoughts, caused by taking a loss too many times in the past
Getting harassed and getting my ass pushed around in class
It's probably the reason why my hands are so fast, damn
Even my family's dumb enough, to get me to the point where I got to cut them off like Kendrick Lamar
Giving me wet willies and sh*t, always bagging on my clothes, acting silly and sh*t
Where I'm from that type of sh*t will get you killed
On the real, you wouldn't know unless you've seen what I've seen and what I feel
f**k it, I'm probably not gonna keep in touch
Cause' I'm busy making music and... Thinking Too Much

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