Can’t Let Go

Elijah James

Can't Let Go of you, cause' you make me feel alright girl
I want to let you know that. you're the drug in my veins
It's only when you're gone that, this world can cause me pain

Chorus: And I know that, when I'm gone you're
Sneaking round' with, him at home and
I'm going crazy in my mind, can't believe you did it
Can you tell me why I can't let you go?

Don't say I didn't warn you x2
Cause' now it's over, and now I'm gone
Could've stayed with me but, but you did wrong
And I can't take this any more x2


Katori Walker: "K Dub" tatted on your hip
You say you love me but I still don't get
Why you left so quick, and
All the lies you spit like
Lies between your eyes, and a man that I know in between your thighs
Dudes looking at me funny when the team role by
Got me stuck inside, only he know why
Like damn, another man all in my woman
Trying to be your one and only
It's just sad that I couldn't, go and find somebody else
Cause' you know that I wouldn't, trying to keep me locked down
Telling me that I shouldn't, move on
3 months of life felt like years, what a loss of your life that I might fear
Oh your days feeling dark, crying, bite, tears
You was looking for a man, I was right here
Take it back four years from now, I'm in high school
No fans, no crowd, when I say a dumb joke just to make you smile
After class, looking for me, yea I know your smile
That was, back in the days, trying to get through it like life was a maze
Praying, wishing, hoping everything stay the same
One day you switched up, then things start to change
Like, when I call, I get no answer, wanted purity but you're just too tampered
Hate in my veins start to spread like cancer
Nail in the coffin, like man where's the hammer?
Damn, all this bad luck, all the girls that I trust seem to leave me stuck
I was so in love with you but you never gave a f**k
Living life on the edge with your middle finger up like

Outro AEli: Rollin' with my top down
Thinking bout' you got damn
Thought I was your only man, I can't let you go x2

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