Episode 1 (Take You Back) lyrics

Elijah James

Ill take you back to jr. High, oh boy yea those were hard times
Red flag bangers right outside, oh no can you hear sirens?
Heard somebody just got shot, Jim's on Lincoln seen a fight
Heard the streets are now on fire, f**k man, I am really not
Looking forward to this day, man I'm only 5 foot 5
How much can I really do? When these big boys tryinna' fight
And nobody takes your side, only white boy in the pride
Lions roaming and scoping out on how to make a quick dime
Bullies I don't really blame em' ima' very easy target
Nice hair and a fresh Pro Club, "oh yea, that's a fade on sight"
That is what he said to me, "better see you 3 o clock"
Stomach twisting and turning like a coaster all in a knot
What the f**k am I to do? I ain't never been knocked out
I just ain't ready to die, please lord this just ain't my time
"You better put up them dukes", that is what I heard from pops
That is what he had told Jon, if he ever seen me fight
Jon and Deewee don't play that sh*t, I don't want to start a riot
Plus mama taught me better, I'm not violent I'm a good guy
Yea I tried to hit the gym after school I ducked and dodged
Went to take a boxing class it might just help me do the job
The next morning I woke up, I turned off my alarm clock
I was nervous as f**k, waiting by myself at the bus stop
Oh sh*t see it? Here it comes, hear me if there is a god
6 ft 200 pounds, finna' get down front of the school yard
Maybe he'll be sick today, maybe he just won't show up
sh*t bro f**k that thought, im done being punked it's time to man up
I walked up them ragged steps, oh sh*t that might just be him
See his sweater, the one he wears everyday, his back looks slim
No he wasn't facing me, yea he faced the other way
Should I just run up and punch him while he sat there in his seat?
Naw' man I was too afraid, and then something said to me
"Just yell out across the bus and then ask him to catch your fade!"
And so that is what I did, he started to turn my way
Heart pumped fast as I wait to face the face of my enemy
"what the f**k you say to me?"
Oh sh*t, it was the wrong guy, heart rate slowed down as I cool down in relief sat down and sighed
"aye bro where's yo homie at?"
"sh*t that n***a stayed inside", "we faced 4 blunts of weed right now and that foo got way too high"
"he let me borrow his sweater it's too f**king cold outside"
"he'll be here tomorrow tho he said that he is post to fight"
Saw that foo the next day, caught me slipping in the yard
Just me him and his homies, ain't nobody round to call
Time to face my demon, I either stand or I fall
On ur own in the midst of danger can reflect on who u are
So we squared up and I flared up adrenaline passing through my arms
I was scared but ima' stand up for what had already been mine
I'd rather fight and lose than lose by just walking away
And don't pick up the gun to live and fight another day
As the crowd surrounded us, instigators saying stuff
Anger building, that addictive feeling, courage building up
I go in and he goes in, and we are both going head up
We finna' go toe to toe, all leading to the first punch

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