Episode 2 (Cris Dorner) lyrics

Elijah James

When you come from the land of the B's and the C's
Can't help but be around dudes wit a piece
Bringing peace to the streets, in their POV
When they see you fight, get trigger happy
See what had happened was that me, and my enemy had fought and we
Took it to the street and my goons caught me
Scrapping their reaction brought hell of bad dreams
Waking up at night, in my bed cold sweats
Got to keep my mind right, hell of weight on my chest
Flash backs of a "gat" and a sound blat blat
And a head went splat and I blocked out the rest
See the cops patrol with a bullet proof vest
And the power of a devil in a world like this
And they see a crowd of teenage kids
A lot of drama in it and hell of conflict
Commotion within it, feelings taking over
Adrenalin causing emotions to point it
Ego and "gats" are a combination
The officer pointed his 9 mil right towards us
Screams and the shouts as it all starts unfolding
Hands up in the air, ghetto bird hovers over
The scene before things start to really get colder
When chaos unfolds I look over my shoulder
Better get down when they get down motha f**ka
When them sirens sound duck down motha f**ka
Cause' them bullets fly and the homies die
And no justice comes, good-bye motha f**ka
Most dangerous gang in the USA
Crooked cops on the block in the streets of LA
Squad cars parked right outside school campus
Looking for trouble tryinna' get a little action
Now they found it, hearts start pounding, start surrounding all of us, damn
All dumb founded when we found that same cop was found dead, wow
I guess you really do reap what you sow
What goes around comes around that's how it goes
Live life by the gun, die by the gun, no matter how much you control
Two "pops" from the cop, then the homie hit the floor
Same week seen mom weep at the funeral
We ran to the cut and opened up the door
Went through the hallway and I tripped on the floor
Officer caught up and beat my ass
Put me in the cuffs, ran, then he grabbed
A few of the homies, sh*t we got nabbed
Sprayed a few times and threw a few jabs
Helpless on the floor like "what the f**k man?"
I was mad as f**k and then he called in
His partner on the corner, told location, gave us warning
If we moved we'd get some more of his wrath
And then heard the door open his partner slowly walked in his name was Officer Dorner, damn

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