Doubt (Interlude) lyrics

Elijah James

AEli: Sometimes I look up and wish upon a star
Sometimes I kneel down and pray up to god
I beg him get me down, and lead me from this harm
But tell me why, I bleed till I scar
If there was a god, wouldn't he stop my fall?
I look the other way, there's no hope for us all
Then I realize, some things are all our fault

(Some things are our fault)

J.Hurt: Confusions, illusions, corrupted institutions
Looking in the sky, seeking facts for this life like
"Why, why, why, why? Do little kids die, die, die?"
Uncle died in that drive by, by, by
Woman lie, Men lie, why? Lie, why?
People lacking "Agua", dying of thirst in The Lord's "Casa"
If "mi casa es sue casa", why my ancestors have master's
Why I want spaceship like NASA
Just to get away, just to get some space
I'm tired and everyday is a test of faith
I'm tried cause' everyday is a test of faith

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