Episode 3 (Snake Pits) lyrics

Elijah James

Chorus: "Blood where you going? Blood are you down?"
Oh no blood, that's my blood that just hit the ground
Now there's blood in my eyes, and some blood to be found
Cause' my blood just got buried 6 feet deep in the ground in the
Pit of snakes x2

And we're bleeding when they want us come on, ain't no leavin when they want us come on x3

AEli: Back in the day, kept my innocence tucked, packed and away
Till a red rag came, smacked it away
Tried to keep to myself, life ain't the same
When you're walking to school who's to blame?
When you get screws knocked out lose your brain
Seeing dead bodies shot, homie lose your "main"
"Take your shoes off your feet, lose your change"
What the f**k I do to deserve this sh*t?
Tried deserting, wasn't worth it
Smoking blacks in the back of the sac, with a rag and a gat
In the back of the Lac, to the right, ima ride ima die
For this color we rep, yelling "f**k other sets"
May the dead homies rest in Paradise, shooting a pair of dice
On the corner, in life, with a gun, with a knife, in the night, in the broad daylight
Give a f**k, better duck when I let loose
Better go to church seek Christ, pops said seek light
But its hard when u running the streets, all you hear in your ears like beats is,


Katori Walker: Back in the day, banging was attractive to me
But I'm scared of passing away, don't want to get a shot to the face
Moms got a casket for me, a turn in my grave's just a turn of the page
The homie got a shirt with my face
n***a put that "burner" away, if you ain't blasting for me
n***a blast for me! n***a blast for me!
n***a grab your "gat" motha f**k they set
Better die for your boy cause' they made me rest
Better die for your n***as, aim at they neck
No self respect, your self neglect, there's nothing left
But to do what you do in the Coup, better shoot at the crew wearing blue
Even boys in the blue, with the vests and the boots
If you talk, get "the truth"
It's very dark in my room, no light in my tomb
Every night in this coffin, trying to live life, god damn I lost it
Gon' come back, we take no losses
So take his life, don't that feel awesome?


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