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Aesop Rock

"For The Whole Family"

• a.r. •
Before shooting troops was cooler than hula hoops
High noon was your basic whoʼs who of brutal truth
Hot summer gun or box-cutter slow dance
Turn a youngʼn to a dozen paper dolls holding hands
And tricky was a wooden horse pushed up on your porch
So chicanery was yours to engage or ignore
I was on the ladder with a lotta dot pawns
So we carried lawn chairs and buckets of popcorn
Pass the popcorn
Brawl fair, cop car
Voyeur hawk him out his hinges, storm door splinters
Clamoring about, hammers out about to ring
Infiltrate each others tribes and murder each others queens
Packed to the very last rafter
Clung to the rafts and the Cameras to capture the damage
Neck swivel with a chop-chop volley
Where the ants leave nothing but the bones and the car keys
Pardon if his Ttwo feet fester
It was rude of me people
Meet left and lefter
Planted like a model of civility and honor for the sector
But never got his extra extra!
Peace for the better but it wasnʼt entertaining
So they waited for the tazing from the safety of his haven
Like bees to the honey when they lumped you up
Cuz bumper cars are only funny when they bump. know that
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