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Aesop Rock

"Left it to Us"

[Voices talking: hot bukakke session... I mean seriously...
How many f*cking times do we have to go through this sh*t?]

I write left sh*t with my right spit on the mic twice
Sleep on beef wake up to hammers like christ
We some intellectual animals, destined a man-able giant
Like we runnin through New York City in mechanical lions

[Aesop Rock]
Yo I walk on glass chuckle sooty out of a miners lung
Grasshopper keep a civil tongue where the pacifiers plugged
Shrug em off, Eye of Tiger, pan over the hideous
Watch the gorilla in em slither back through the lineage

[Yak Ballz]
I write left sh*t with my right brain
Made eyeballs pop like bike chains in the right phase
Dawg, I got gatlings connected to my arms like bat wings
So each complete revolution of the barrels is saddening

Weathermen is not a crew, it's a hive mind with guns up to it
The last cats Audio Two-in' it, ruinin' your drumkit
Vandals of society arsonist sheep in public
We speak in reality tv and there are no writers touchin it

[Tame One]
And if the brick city was Compton I'd be OG Bobby Johnson on the loose
Throwin up deuce at the first sign of a problem
Weathermen filth nastiest black and blue bread and light base milk with lumps
Bulked up for the last six months

[Yak Ballz]
Yo the freak show veteran,bad to the skeleton
I heard he's in the weatherman-oh god it's them again

A weatherman can do no wrong no uniform
Cut off three limbs with a new arm dead planet in its palm
Flow some life in your rap one cross second
Let me take you from your normally programmed sh*t record
If you're into irony I brought the four four in the place
While canvas nights paint the art of war in your face
Hit that psycho stimuli that gets you hot happy and whistlin'
And if I'm too bugged the feds are still listenin'

You're flawed in the particles I'm a f*ckin genuine article and you been reppin' sh*t marginal
Partially I'm responsible I'm harsh to the bono and I'll acid wash your phono
I swagger the injury shield cloak
A flock of humming birds circle the same place I spoke
A rain of hollowed out dum-dum shells fell through the smoke
Heal the pain of followers runnin through hell in shell toes

[Aesop Rock]
And the award for sc*mmiest ninja moment of the summer
Goes to mister slip a mickey to christ at his own supper
Who's talent turned chemical imbalance to vital cash crop
While moonlighting as your local Eckhart Pharmacy mascot
Boss Hogg's dogs sniffin' out victims for the quota sorta rogue put a slip on the system throw the...
WM's up for bounty hunters Paulie Junior mount the chrome bazookas on the Orange County Choppers

[Tame One]
Two dollar box cutters sharp with the game bustin through your cheek
You keep the change representative tame weatherman gang - stop
As the planet and the stars and the moons collapse
It's just Cage, Aesop, El, Breeze, Mu, Tame, and Yak
Packin' out early like winter, for the bread
On the side like fish dinner with a jar of bizarre for the dip spinach
The new left southpaws outlaws north to california
Represent bent and put dents in your battle armor

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