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Aesop Rock

"Wise Up"

[Now hear this]

(it's big aesop rock)

[Now hear this]

--[Verse 1: Aesop Rock]--

Metropolitan grab bag apocalypse
Maggot patch is swallowing the traps baddest columnist
Big vision, tiger soul, anonymous alacrity, and pulse
Held together by a beached bucket of bolts
I’m here to bleach masker lust and touch false allegations
Where the born-agains and pagans claim the same corner store pavement (pavement)
Silence and the needle pin hybrid
Bought you this reflecting pool to school you on my underlying bias
Now if
I polish off the poison with a sip
I know my orphanage massive will help you lift my casket;
With the drip of this B-positive and ominous last cackle
Bury me beneath the cherry tree bough and run for the castle
(I'm one propaganda)
I'm one propaganda speech ahead of televised
Recognize-life-cycler, too deep to stop and decipher
We cross-section a vision every genius dreams
Something obscene with
Syncopated, simultaneous land speed achievement
Drench! river-dance your way through bed and breakfast
Blemished predetermined destiny checklist (but first check this)
Well I was born upon a swiftly tilting galleon
Circling sloppy pseudo stick paddock pity-me sound system servers (oh god)
We the di*ky-dawn left handed scribbles of god
Approached gruesome by drunk buddy system two-somes
One attacked sternum turned to vaporized minor (c'mon)
The second in turn circled to confirm the fertilizer

And I'm one of a small tribe camped in a rubber stamp facility
With best friends like utility who needs these instabilities of mind

You wanna hold that grudge that's fine
In fact let's both hold grudges just to see who's stubborn and who budges

Well I'm the stubbornest bast*rd this side of 4 dimensions
And I'm here to build this picket fence around your frigid lenses

I ain't ever known a potion as potent as zen to mend a broken friendship
I'm saying don't get defensive

(now hear this)

--[Hook: Aesop Rock]--

[Wise up, rise up, size em up
Line em up against the wall
It goes run, walk, crawl, wise up] x4

[I barely know myself, man
And you barely know yourself
But I don't claim to know yourself
See you claim to know myself] x4

--[Verse 2: Aesop Rock]--

And I hear you recognize the jeopardy
Shepherd me
Honoring the touch of pure peasantry I've been harboring presently
Tough as nails, tough enough to sail through broken ballads
With a pinch of foul demeanor inching forward through your outlets (f*ck that)
f*ck that, I grease burden incredible NOW!
Couldn't even offer concept minimum wage let alone benefit grace
Wait wait wait, let's pick all paper dolls, line 'em in size order just to gaze in amazement upon a short fuse getting shorter
(getting shorter)
Basic upheaval laced with logical absurdities (c'mon)
Stolen promise lacking witness to the burglary
I'm sharp
See yesterday I seen upon the target face your bargain basement dream attached with thumbtacks, so I arched
Boogie bulls-eye upon that dim excuse for group effort triple thin oxidized box cutter lost lamb ecosystem, drippin on my person
You see my version of ruler don't include underlings thumbing through yellow pages for a future

Today I strike a match adapt tragedy
Tomorrow humankind's logic pistons crash and burn
The next day procreation becomes annual formality
I guess it's once a kid, always a kid
It's just some kids'll never learn

I pack my bags and steadily trudged out the door
Off to secure my legacy in bread and water blizzards
I couldn't feed the masses with more fishes
Yeah but I can force-feed em wishes
And I'd rather be hungry for desires than bloated and tired (bloated and tired)
It goes keen cohorts condense at high noon
To force every rattlesnake to beat the dead horse (horse)
Aesop Rock, premiere dysfunctional grief citizen
Of course, I'm headstrong, but even stronger in support
Man I've been there done did this and that (Aight?!)
I've been the engine all the way down to the railroad spike
It isn't pretty, walked in sober, staggered out dizzy
Take this lesson as a key to that life mystery

(now hear this)

[Wise up, rise up, size em up
Line em up against the wall
It goes run, walk, crawl, wise up] x4
Wise up, rise up, size em up
Line em up against the wall
It goes run walk crawl

[We're runnin and
We're walkin and
We're crawlin and
We're wising up] x7

We're runnin and
We're walkin and
We're crawlin and
We're dead

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