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Aesop Rock

"Reports of a Possible Kidnapping"


[Verse 1: Aesop Rock]
Canaries in the coal mine drop
Knock knock, squash bovine or find God
I came to play the dozens with survivors of the autoclave
Fungus that clung as the shiny hypodermics alternate
Squirm out through the a/c in the office space spores
Like coyotes descending over your rows of golden corn
There’s more, when Mary Mary’s little lamb is one of three absorbed
My friend, you are the pecking order’s whore
Kshhht! Roger dodger, camp of the squalid contra
The single cell is scissors walking the two dogs of Yama on the choke
Scatter bacteria
This is more than Darwin with its hooks in the books of the Magisterium
Wore the blackest suit to pull up in the blackest chariot
Everyone’s a virgin at the kraken cafeteria
Jovial mosey or mope, zodiac, rosary or goats
You too can be the next microbial host
Over Odessa where the novas explode
Pale pink moon waxing, purple hearts, marigold taxis
Dubious credentials on the gypsy flipping vaccines
Snake oils, tonics, the pathogens are adapting (Car… game on)
Beta brain fog, strange days, palm face cards, make it rain frogs
Fish eye on a cradle in a manger made of skulls
With overkill to follow, I’m just one to change the bulb
And exit over seven hundred fifty CCs of the murdered-out
5th and still shifting, jowls on the bounty hunt the who’s who
Let the cozy overbite include you, hmmm…

I need to get a message back home

[Verse 2: El-P]
You ever feel weak, tweaked, fleeting, pee p*ss bleeding
Each clipped wing twitched easy?
Sequence scenery: nuzzle of the beak buried deeply
Bleak pitch screamed uneasy (peachy)
Fleet move greasy, creep uncleanly
Cadence diseases, strange arranged speaking
Makers of the queasy, all detached reasoning
Here to mash your f*ck face fiendishly (Weathermen)
Born batch lunacy, in fact rational truancy
Half latched to truthy facts goonishly
Patched back in to sad sap surrendering
Extra-ordinary rendering, (remember me)
Lurching gnarled heart snarling
Borrowed from the Department of Redundancy Department, sign here
Even obscene iridescently froze prose reside here
A mean streak elite breed designs fear
Nobody move nothing and nothing will get invasive
I came from the lost excavated
Breathe exhaust cloud, mmm favorite
Creators of that "this is not my day" sh*t
Disgrace on the dayshift, without a trace lost on debating it
The tug job with razor claw pain kit
Now with more bang by the facelift
I used to give a hangnail's f*ck about patience
Now it’s just I see money, take it
Funny how morality is changing, evolving, dissolving
Disgrace is a mainstay, tragedy keeps calling
Everyone that mattered to me somehow keeps falling
Hooded creature knocking on my door I’m just stalling


[Verse 3: Cage]
Weapons made werewolf movies wake maybe
What I am? White man out, wait, make me
Watch and mock you sit and witness a magic symbol
Like Washington Monument, a wondrous monotheistic compliment
A milestone for variety, this transmission’s picked up on an ear
On the same face that’s got an eye on me
Two arms and a head, imagine we form with legs
Sword a tail unsheathed to scorch the lens
Sinner death awaits the taste of blood of good
Innocent people, welcome to my brotherhood
We’re biodegradable, widely relatable
Though the soulless can’t walk, their heads are highly inflatable
Eternity unattainable, rejected, burnt
Out of the ground into the sky out of the sky into the dirt
When everything you learned or admired is disconnected bring some wire
Traverse the moat to combust your kingdom’s fire
Peek and blink and sinking deep and distant
Tongues hanging out like a dog from speaking different
You can take the mark of the beast and take the mark of bees
Gathering all our debt masters start to feast
Why are we so hungry, insatiable useless codes
Unfolding a pistol on a sheep in wolf’s clothes
Animal farming, nothing’s alarming
Sewage turned to drinking water calming, the calm before the bombing
Something to anticipate, death, cool we’ll sit and wait
Black clouds lingering singe skin then dissipate
Bite me on the wrist I’ll still extend a hand
Man has his fill of the world until Earth’s had its fill of man

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