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Aesop Rock

"Catch 22"

(No) X6
(Say What!) X6

All that glitters is gold with no frills
Post no bills, and the rigmarole is so ill
And roadkill bake over BK blacktop
Summer of tough lovin' for that decayed mascot

To settle in a worm lunch lovely and vile
Half never even got comfy in a style
Fifteen pas(-senger) van ran around the country
Lugging the heavy duffels of the hungry and proud

Young, dumb, loud, and reppin' the locale
Of whatever foul four-track nurtured the child
And it works for a while when a stone cold serf
Get a megaphone and perch in a crowd--wow

First things first, to alert the aloud
Free every worker immersed in denial
Circle the now 'til its face turned purple
And never ever once turn worship and bow

Walk that fence
Like a deer in headlights through a fish-eyed lens
Hopped out the Ford for more folklore
'Til his cape got caught in the door one morn'

Please don't tap the phone and go
No lights on but the cat is home
Catacomb kid cuddy with his calicos
Try to coax thick money out the rabbit hole

And it's a diary of savage folk with no future
(No) no teacher taught him how to maneuver
(No) no rules so we off of the blueprint
With no regrets, and blame self for the bloopers

Cooped up, keeping the quills dipped and busy
With a little killer pill and no tolerance for the tipsy
Whether it stinks a city, I'm opening up
You sick of running on empty, come and soak in the smut

(Say what) (6x)

Hey, you, ready on the left
I was high with the winged, I was deep with the dead
I was dragging a dagger through the dim city dregs
With a blacksmith cough and a box of cassettes

Hey, you, ready on the right
I was air with the missiles, I was irked with the mights
I was hopped up heading for the last of the lights
With a sweaty upper lip on a midsummer's night

No (6x)

(Say what) (6x)
(Come on)

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