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Aesop Rock


It goes one step forward, and two steps back
And I’m actively unpacking out a bread crumb trail of bear traps
My Hansel and Gretel maps were previously untapped
Don’t follow me, you curious cats might scratch me off track
Gimme that flat made of candy and a mouth full of fillings
I’ll even hop in a furnace if it was broken and still is
I envision my plateau and hope I don't grab hold
Cause when grass grows, somebody somewhere will try to snatch those

Forget that, I went from bad at it to rad habit
I two strap my food sack so you rats cannot have at it
So if I catch a hand in my satchel it’s
Monster movie magic at the wrist with a hatchet
You’re clearly naïve, sitting in the sun still
You’re clutching on the guarantee that when you breathe your lungs fill
I close caskets on the speed reads my tongue kills
Then I pass em to the ground, like they acted in snuff films

I’m adverse to the current
The whirlwind surf snatches the uncertain
I make sure that my soul is planted firm and then
I slip under the waves, flip the switch and draw the curtains

Geronimo, domino bomb the commoners
Then I watch them all fall like some posy-pocketers
Go ahead and make a stop at a hospital, you’ll be
Nodding off to the trauma of leaky catheter

Think I’m solemn from calmin' 'em? See me afterward
Laughing, hacking up a lung cracking up till the cackles hurt
Aggressive as a prize-winning passivism panderer
So scan the verse, maybe I’m just rapping for a lack of words

We’re testing boundaries, found curiosity can’t kill
Until the purse string is shortly followed by an anvil
Oops, I make mistakes, common as breathing motions
Air just leaves me empty so I exhale my sail into the ocean

No shores, and I feel that lack of pressure
“Rap louder, say ‘fresh’ more”, if you wanted a b*tch, get in the pet store
Brasco ain’t a butler that you send for
A la zero dollar tips, callin' sh*t, holler '10-4'

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