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Aesop Rock


[Aesop Rock]
Z-z-z-z, pop go the landscape
Belly-up throwing socks at the fan blades
One o’clock, dummy lock eyes with a mickey mouse pancake
Pox on his tipping side handshake
Slobs in a city-wide campground, translate
Tan lions examining how the lamb taste
Needs more saffron, lead 4 eyes where his hands ain’t
Hand-painted mask on, Badassquiat
Tap math rock on a harp string
Mosh like a sasquatch l.a.r.p.ing
Seen amoebas grow to vapid fashionistas
Freeing a can of worms mistook for a panacea
See the regulars exude a particular brand of diva
‘til a basic interaction take a local anesthesia to stomach
Amnesia beloved, reanimated from the chrysalis
Splitting atoms over sh*tty crinkle cuts, lemme guess
Another mac the knife with the passion of christ
I would rather be trapped in ice
He flexi with the tech and exit left from the director’s chair
Pocket-knife and a box of strike anywheres
Might break off from the pack like Uncle Traveling Matt
Mail a couple suspicious packages back
But the mission is in front of him
Operation tooth and nail
Turn troops into boots and belts

[Billy Woods]
Russian roullette relationships
Step in the front door guns to your own heads
His & her 44s matching rubber grips
Just Me & My b*tch/romantic revolvers
She threatened to leave/replied
I’d buy that for a dollar
Took a few weeks
But I’m back to rolling ‘em smaller
It’s the little things
The bitter flings
Rebounding with the illest springs
Icarus aloft on pride’s brittle wings
Heavy hand/Singapore Slings/Good man
I appreciate a barkeep who keep my cup on brim
And might perhaps point me towards some trim
Eye blinks pan flashes
Suddenly the only person in the bar not wearing glasses
Keeps a flask in hand but for that special someone might pass it
The Minus Man
Takes his meals alone close to home two glasses Cote de Rhone
Slipped out unnoticed/the tip was decent
Nods good evening to policemen passing the precinct
Must’ve already made quota
Crocodile Tears P.W. Botha
Maybe I shoulda stuck it out instead going home to a sofa
Arrived via chauffeur
Dipped in a jack-o-lantern arm in arm with a slattern
Shot from the hip/excuses in the holster/extended clip
One in the head and I ain't stop squeezing till I knew it was dead

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