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Aesop Rock


[Verse 1: Aesop Rock]
I am not doomed (not doomed)
I burn bridges, not spoons (not spoons)
But I only burn the bridges, hitchin' life in locked rooms
Passive obstacle assessment:
Bound to blossom festive knock on wood
Salute the little lonely troglodyte that could
So they navigate the blame game with a bulls-eye on a gold link wrapped around shrink-wrapped persona
Honor in a makeshift crooked thug version of sacred
Not to be mistaken with the purity with which my angel masons storm the basement
Rope ladder descends from mothership, c-sectioned, monstrous
While a billion babies build forts out refrigerator boxes
Burrow, for the too far gone platoon craft billy clubs out fallen apple tree trunks
After apple seeds sunk well beneath them
My style sits softly in a synapse between fairytale and logic
Primarily Agnostic
Idle while the tidal title deem heat waves worthy of swallowing your journey
Wallowing across the nursery
I arrive tardy. I've offended every last pedestrian
Upon my way over to bless that bar seat
There's no excuse, I know, I'm sorry, but I'm here
[Slug] Which is more than I can say for my love of these puppeteers
[Aesop Rock] Well they tug 'em all in perfect syncopation, make they mommas proud
Certified absurd prince of flattery
Product of a drunken, rhythm-driven faculty
Check a mortal mayhem discotheque, boogie with a bounced check and a cigarette

[Verse 2: Eyedea]
I prick my finger on a thorn bush, picking you a lilac
You can water it with your envy and burn it with your livestock’s
I guess you can come on my trip, why not?
Tie knots in our existence and marry-go-round your holy tripod
For every single flame the imploding sky drops
I cross the burned bridge of syringes ? by lyrics ? cyclops infinitely focused on moving this ice block
I could of land a nice job, but I plan to fight God
Understand I might stop at nothing, short of order distorted by torched porcelain images of man
My glands are quite dormant coordinated with porous
Won't forfeit my stance and transmission if I hit the right knob
Fright clot, numbs the thumb, run and stir the rice pot
The anger that hovered kept me in a tight lock
I'm parallel with every line Jesus Christ thought
Leaving heaven frozen, rolling a seven on this dice shot

[Verse 3: Slug]
Slow down, float showdown at the show
Minnesota to Manhattan until it gets broken loose
Holding you immobile to show you what we're going through
And ain't nothing changed and the rent's still overdue
Still hate the rappers that speak through the mean mugs
Ain't got no bite but you bark like a tree trunk
That sh*t doesn't flush
[Aesop Rock] And every pipe is plugged
[Slug] I know you're loving us (you ride the nuts like the di*k was a bus)
Now hold tight, your whole energy doesn't flow right
It's enough to make me wonder if you prefer to just blowpipe
We're this close to giving you hoes a good choke
Clowns thinking they're profound man, they're not even a footnote
I walk around the world like a malnourished tourist
A refugee, caught between the referee and the purist
Circuits overloading, cyborgs about to explode
Release the little man inside my tired soul
Somebody must have let the lion out the cage
And got him high before he climbed up on the stage
Cause here I am again, glossy-eyed, topsy-turvy
And this is just another pitstop on the journey
Most of ya'll don't even inspire me to diss you
So caught up in the politics, forgot to kick the issues
Slug, call me Se7en, ya'll know what I'm about
Now close your f*cking mouth, before my balls fall out

[Outro: Slug]
Shut your mouth
Shut the f*ck up
Shut your mouth
sh*t talking b*tch
Sick of ya’ll talking sh*t [shut the f*ck up]
You don’t know me, you don’t know us
Half ya’ll f*cks don’t even rhyme [little b*tch]
Who you talking sh*t about man?
Go play a video game you little b*tch
Shut your trap [yo you a critic?]
Yo come to Minnesota and get smacked [get smacked]
Come to the island and get smacked [get smacked]
I don’t care, I see you in Oakland and I’ll smack you
Shut your trap, little internet b*tch
I’ll smack you in Tulsa
I’ll smack you in Buffalo
I’ll smack you in Milwaukee
I’ll smack you in Madison
I’ll smack you in St. Louis
I’ll smack you in Austin and in Dallas
I’ll smack you in Salt Lake City

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